Genesys Dialog Engine – How to Map a Word to a Slot


The Genesys Dialog Engine can identify discrete pieces of information from utterances, called “Slots”. Each Slot is mapped to a Slot Type, which defines the type of information it should look for. Then, a bot can use the Slot to fulfill the user’s intent. To map a word or phrase to a Slot, choose the desired slot from the Slots tab. If you’d like to change the slot, simply select the desired slot from the Slots tab and make any necessary changes.

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In general, the slot is the area with the highest chance of scoring without deflection. A slot is also low enough for wrist shots to be accurate. Wingers with low shots can take advantage of this position. They should also be aware that defenders will lay big hits to small players in the slot demo pragmatic. It is essential for your game to know your opponents’ slots so that they can plan accordingly. In addition, a small winger in the slot will be able to shoot better.

The word slot is derived from Middle Dutch and Low German. It is also a synonym for the Old Norse slot and the Old High German sloz. Other related words include Old Frisian slut and Old Dutch slut. The word is derived from the Proto-Germanic root *slut “to close” and the Old Norse slod. Meaning of slot first appeared in the 1520s. Its modern meaning is from 1888.

Template slots inherit values from their instances and subclasses. For example, the template slot of the class frame can represent a gender assertion. This example shows how to use templates and slots to create slots in your HTML. This element-details also shows a complete example of a template slot in action. The live version of the code runs in the browser and makes the process of creating the slot a breeze. When you’re ready, use the template slots and start creating your own custom HTML5 pages.